This is another quick update:

This mornings coastal slider brought clouds and another shot of cold air to the Eastern Sierra. Pacific air will begin to modify our unseasonably cold airmass tomorrow Wednesday with highs backup into the low 40s by Thursday. Winds will be light by then.  Our airmass is likely to modify more further into the mid 40s+by the weekend.

Looking briefly at thanksgiving week, I indicated that this Wednesday I would have more details on that week. However, just as a quick update, although there are some “wet foot” forecasters out there that have been consistently suggesting that a wet week is indicated for Thanksgiving week, I find no evidence of that, other  than a weak small feature coming in Monday night that may bring a little light snowfall. So odds are against any significant storms before that following weekend and any active pattern may hold off until the first week of December. More tomorrow Wednesday…

Dr Howard and the Dweebs…….

Quick update

The weather will remain colder than normal with temps 15 to 20 degrees below normal. Chilly inside slider to bring the possibility of a few more inches of snow Saturday night as chilly slider skirts the sierra….North to south. Main effect will be cooling and wind. Another possible slider will arrive Tuesday.  Highs in Mammoth in the 30s….and 20s on the mountain.  Lows mostly in the teens and low 20 next week.

In my next update, will chat about the longer range, the possibility of more significant snowfall the last week of November and the why or why not with graphics.
Hint….the EURO is dry the end of the month. It is out of phase with GFS showing more of a ridge. Additionally, the CFS is Dry and the MJO with the ECMWF ensembles is not encouraging.

The Dweebs are traveling this weekend update Wednesday.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs…..🥸