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Its official! Mammoth Mt reported last Tuesday;

Mammoth Mt has the deepest snowpack in North America!

The upper mountain measured recently, is sitting at 504 inches! (42 feet!)  Lower Mt has 378 inches. (31.5 feet)

This is the most snow so early in the season. However, has a way to go to equal winters like 2011, 2017 and 1983.


A note from the Dweeber…

The difference between the 504 inches and 378 is 25%   This difference in snowfall for the most part is not because water content. Many of these storms had AR’s associated with them. Freezing levels were higher than normal.  During AR’s, often times above 9,000 feet. So in many cases while the top was at say 28F, the Main Lodge may have been at 32 degrees, thus Snow to Water Ratio’s  were significantly lower at the Main Lodge.

Today’s weather is simply beautiful!   Light winds over most of the mountain with *moderate winds over the crest. (*15 to 30mph)

Winds will pick up tonight into Sunday as another cold Great Basin slider moves south. There may be a few flurries Sunday night.

Today Saturday, will warm to near 40 in town while nighttime lows will average some 18 degrees milder. (Low 20s)

The San Gabriel Valley in So Cal may have a wind event Sunday night into Monday. Strong Santa Ana!


Temperatures on Sunday will be in the mid 30s Sunday in town and 20s on Mammoth Mt Sunday with wind.

After the system leaves our area Sunday Night into Monday, High temperatures will return to the 20s in town and teens on Mammoth Mt. Lows at night will drop to the single digits Monday AM while Bridgeport sees lows -15 to -18F. Milder weather returns by Mid week next week with highs in the mid to upper 30s and lows in the teens…

It looks dry through next Friday!  🙂




Mammoth Mt has more snow o


Our weather is likely to continue chilly to cold into early next week. High temperatures will vary from the 20s today to as warm as 40 Saturday, then upper 30s Sunday and 20s again Monday. Lows at night will range from the single digits to teens in town.  There is a cold short wave that will bring a reinforcing shot of cold air Monday and be preceded by breezy weather in town Sunday and windy on the mountain. Winds will diminish Monday the 23rd.


The eastern pacific high will remain fairly close to the west coast Mid-Week so it will be a dry week with highs in the 30s. Next weekend will begin the change in pattern that will eventually result in more snowfall here in the high country. Because of such differences in the global models, it would be unwise at this time, to speculate on what’s coming pattern wise.  With the two most popular models, one has a mid latitude storm track while the other is slower in its development and touts more of a storm track out of the Eastern GOA.

By the middle of the next week, better consensus should occur.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………….:-)