Cold Cold Cold!  That’s the way today will be. A cold Great Basin slider moved through yesterday and is now located over Southern Arizona. Gusty NE winds will continue today over the upper elevations of Mammoth Mt with somewhat lighter winds over the lower slopes. No matter where you ski or board today in the upper elevation’s, there will be dangerous Wind Chill factors. So….If your skiing or boarding today, wear face protection! 

Winds Chills over upper elevation will be -25F to -35F degrees!  Tomorrow will be a milder day, less wind, with highs about 10 degrees warmer. Expect upper 30s Tuesday, Wed and Thursday with 40s! on Friday.  


The Weather Pattern this week will be highlighted by the Eastern Pacific High near the west coast. This upper air anomaly will block all pacific storms from California and thus a dry week. As we go into the first week of February, there are some signs that this upper air high pressure system will weaken and retrograde west. So there is a potential storm, sometime during that first week of February. Powder lovers…Stay tuned!

At this time, no Atmospheric Rivers are in the Forecast or Outlooks!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………………..:-)