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Tonight’s update for snowfall at the village through Wednesday (This is based upon the point forecast from the NWS at 8000)

Sunday NGT through 5:00AM Monday    7 to 11 inches

Monday                                                    1-3 inches

Monday Night                                             0

Tuesday                                                     9-13 inches

Tuesday night                                            3 to 7 inches

Wednesday                                                1 -3 inches

Total snowfall between Sunday Night and Wednesday night is between  21 and 37 inches

Lets hope for the least amount!





Sunday AM

Light snow began falling once again in the Mammoth Lakes area early this morning. The remains of a very week AR is into CA and snowfall amounts will be light today totaling some 4 to 8 inches with another 7 to 11 inches possible over night at the 8000 foot level. This is according to the point forecast from the NWS. The subtropical tap runs its course and is out of here by Monday. Monday should be unsettled with little accumulation in new snowfall…   The Snow level will bounce around but remain at or below 7000 the next 24 hours.

After Monday, the weatherman’s attention becomes more focused upon a more dynamic storm from the Gulf of Alaska which arrives on Tuesday. This ones got wind, heavy snowfall predicted and is cold. A winter storm watch has been hoisted for Tuesday at 5:00AM through Wednesday at 11:00AM. Between 1 and 2 feet is expected from this storm in town. Wednesday looks to be showery with light accumulations.

Of note both the European and the GFS Models handle the upper low a bit different.  The European model brings the upper low in over Napa, CA Tuesday evening while the GFS takes it in over Monterey Bay. Although this does not make much difference for the Southern Sierra, the more northerly trek is more preferred by the snow lovers as it bring a bit more upper divergence aloft (Better Jet Support) to the Mammoth area for more snowfall. The difference could be another foot of snow. Again the point snowfall forecast just for the Tuesday Storm is between 9 and 17 inches at the Village at Mammoth.

I will update in regards to the two model differences tomorrow Monday afternoon, for the Tuesday system.

BTW; Spring arrives at 2:24PM tomorrow Monday the 20th so the Tuesday Storm is the first Spring Storm.

All together, the total snowfall over the next 5 days is expected to be 2 to 3 feet in town and between 3 and 5 feet on the Mountain according to the NWS point forecast.

Longer Range:

We Transit to a colder showery pattern as NW sliders affect our area. That’s a chilly breezy to windy pattern between Thursday and the end of the week. Any snowfall will be in the Light to Moderate range. (1-6) or (6-18) inches.

Westerly Flow may return in early April……Well See.    The Longer Range is looking really squirrely.


Dr Howard and the Dweebs………………..:-)