Aug 27Th.

The Weather for the new week looks warm and dry with seasonal temperatures. That means that highs in Mammoth will continue in the mid 70s with lows at night in the 30s and 40s. Winds are on the decrease today Monday as the Trof in the Pacific NW shifts off to the east.

In that most smoke from the Lion’s fire is to the north of Mammoth, it looks like a spectacular week!


Dr Howard and the Dweebs……………..:-)


Looking at the maps this afternoon there appears to be a bit less cooling now than what was earlier forecasted….So High temperatures to remain in the mid to upper 70s then cool to the Mid 70s. SO no big deal.  Sunday is expected to be breezy as the pacific NW trof passes off to the east.  It looks dry as can be for at least a week.  The models have backed off on the cool Labor day holiday…It looks pretty nice!


El Nino….  Everyone is talking about the Modoki which is often dry for California….

In this example of the Modoki El Nino,notice how cool it is over both the Western Pacific and especially the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

In the composite above, See that the Eastern pacific is -.5 below normal in this Modoki example.

Now Look a the CPC forecasts for the Nino SSTs regions for the seasonal; in the E-3, Lots of warmth between the central pacific and eastern pacific. Looks full basin to me.
Compare the Nino 3.4 and 4 region to the Nino 1+2 region.  Do not see the cool waters develop over the Nino 1+2 region….